Hi! I'm new to Fedora 36 and I've some issues at installing viber

But when i install viber on fedora. It shows this error message.

Problem: conflicting requests

  • nothing provides libcrypto.so.10()(64bit) needed by viber-
    (try to add ‘–skip-broken’ to skip uninstallable packages)

Suposedly, viber is available as a flatpak. See https://flathub.org/apps/details/com.viber.Viber

Should also be available in Gnome Software.

The flatpak repository is similar to Playstore for Android

when i download the rpm and install it. It shows this error message

I just tried it out like this

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo
flatpak install viber

And it installed successfully. I suggest reading https://docs.flatpak.org/en/latest/using-flatpak.html for how to use flatpak packages. They are, by the way, not rpm packages.

Also, Gnome Software should be able to install flatpak apps; I never used it so it might not be true.


Flatpaks don’t use RPMs, so that shouldn’t be what you downloaded. Can you please try the commands noted above, they seem to work.

Where did you obtain this particular rpm? Whoever provides it needs to be informed that their rpm is not correctly generated—it needs to be rebuilt.

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Probably from https://download.cdn.viber.com/desktop/Linux/viber.rpm

From rpm -qpi viber.rpm

Free and secure calls and messages to anyone, anywhere, on any device and network, in any country!
Viber for Desktop syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile device.

(Converted from a deb package by alien version 8.95.)

So this was compiled, not for Fedora, but for Ubunto or similar.
That is why it won’t work on Fedora.


Yes, that’s probably the cause. They should build it on Fedora to ensure that it works with the packages that are in the current Fedora version (36).

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I downloaded it from viber offical website. And I’ve try to install it form flatpaks too.
But both of them don’t work.

wow, it solved the problem and now i have viber
Thanks man.