Using Fedora 33 on WSL

I, Jim Perrin, being of sound mind and body (mostly) would humbly like to submit an article about how to stand up F33 on WSL2

Discourse tells me I’m supposed to welcome you to the community @jperrin, obviously your reputation hasn’t traveled as far as it should… :wink:

I am definitely +1 on this article, but I’m iffy on that sound mind thing.

+1. I’m creating a Taiga card to track your article now …

awesome, thank you.
also this must be at least 20 characters long, so ignore this second part.

I’ve created a card:

You won’t be able to update the card until your profile is assigned to the card. I will assign your profile after you create one (by logging in).

Thanks for your contribution!

I think I’ve done what I need to for creating a profile in this project now.

I may have used the wrong email. Just a sec and I’ll try again with the other one you have on file…

Hmm, neither your centos nor your gmail address seem to be working. Maybe you have another one that I’m not seeing? Sorry about the hassle with getting this set up. There is a sort of cache-22 with getting this going (also it is entirely possible that I’m doing something wrong).

So, when I initially created my taiga account, it was using my account which… I don’t have anymore. I’ve updated the email to my centos address, so hopefully that works. Sorry for the confusion here.

Well, I’m not sure why but your account still isn’t showing up for me. Let me try re-sending the invite …

Since you have the required 2 votes, you can go ahead and start writing your article on the Fedora Magazine site. We can work out the Taiga card problem later (I may need to delete and re-create things; I’m not sure).

I think I fixed the card thing.

Article’s written and saved as a draft. I could use a review if someone’s willing. What happens next?

Thanks! The normal procedure is to assign articles for reviewing/editing on Wednesday. So that is all you need to do for now.

Thanks again!