Discourse/Web2.0 newbie: UX Frustration

I need access to some kind of tutorial tuned to fedora’s discourse
I just have zero understanding / comprehension of how to do
stuff as productively as in classic grepping of flat text files. Frankly,
I’d find that easier than where i am now with this.

Close to giving up completely and returning to BSD communities

I’m not certain, but maybe @mattdm can suggest something here.

I can help, but “stuff” is a little broad. Does Navigating Fedora Discussion — Tags, Categories, and Concepts help?

Or, given the grep reference, perhaps you’re looking for search options? See Shorthand search options - users - Discourse Meta for some help on that.

Back after several months; accumulated a stack of stuff for my attention
that is listed in a pick-box pane on LHS. When I cannot scroll down to find
the one important one ans dismiss it, it warns me "You have one important

Sorry, I’m done with this horror.

If there is a listmail option linked to your discourse, I’m up for that.
Normal threaded email / newsgroup stuff I can breeze in a sane mailer
of my choice.

I just cannot live with this web 2.0 stuff. Sorry guys; I’m outta here.

But thanks for getting back to me.

The wpa_cli Question "Where is it, why doesnt it not work by default,
How Do I get this “unmanaged” by Network Manager is a topic frequently
unanswered across many forums / web2.0 services. (google).

its important. The Fedora maintainers for wpa_supplicant were early into
recognising the deep flaws in wide-open legacy protocols accepted by default.

I’ve been working on this problem myself - but in other Linux Distros.

Your runtime does not permit static binaries; an irritation that has driven me
away from contributing custom code builds that include other licences
(libressl) that disallow inclusive distribution with most GNU/Linux distros but
does permit separate “contribs”.

I cannot communicate effectively here, so Its goodbye.

But thanks for all of your reponses to my posts. Even if I cannot find
them to read them!

Cheers Guys