Using Docker Desktop for Linux on Fedora

Article Summary:
Installing and using Docker Desktop for Linux on Fedora

Article Description:
Given the recent announcement of Docker Desktop for Linux in DockerCon 2022 and my little experience with it, I think this would be helpful to have an article showing the prerequisites of, and steps to installing and using Docker Desktop on Fedora. I have had some experience working with it over the last few days that might be worth sharing.
Docker Engine now supports cgroups v2 and also does not interfere with Podman.
It is easy to set up and use on Fedora and I’m sure many developers will find using it easy.
I’m not sure if DD4L is 100% open source, so let me know if it is OK to have an article on the subject on FM.
I can write a draft if there is consensus for the article.

I don’t know if that license is OK or not either. I think we should get an opinion from someone at a higher pay grade … @bcotton?

If you have license questions, you should take it to the legal mailing list.

Hi Hehdi.

Thanks for the article suggestion and for offering to write it. I just searched for “is docker desktop open source” and I found the following excerpt.

Excerpted from Why you don’t have to worry that Docker isn’t COMPLETELY open source:

Docker Desktop, formerly Docker for Windows and Docker for Mac, is a closed-source project.

Since the Fedora Project’s mission is to promote and advance open-source software, and since there is a completely open-source alternative that is supported by the Fedora Project (Podman), I think we should pass on this article. It seems appropriate that Fedora Magazine should try to focus on Podman rather than Docker whenever possible.


Thank you, @glb. You are right. Podman-related articles are a better fit for the magazine.

Besides, it clearly states on the Docker website that it is for Windows and Mac users that traditionally have a difficult time being setup to do cloud native development.