Any interest in developing a Discourse image for podman?


The Discourse people only support their software via a Docker image / container - I would REALLY love to reproduce this container for Fedora + Podman - would anyone else be interested in looking into this?


You can use Docker containers in podman, at a glance Discourse seemed to just want some more Docker-ish features when I had looked into it, at least in their automated scripts.

@refi64 ,

You mean just run the Docker container in Podman? I thought it would be cleaner (and less prone to problems) to install the Rails etc stuff from scratch in a Podman container . .


It’s definitely easy to get that impression. However, under the hood, both Docker and OCI image formats are stored in very similar ways; using one or the other would likely make little difference. In fact, podman was intentionally designed to be usable in many cases as a drop-in Docker substitution, so this is basically a very much supported workflow.

That being said if you’d rather build from scratch for OCI, you can use podman to build Dockerfiles.

Right but there is no way to just run a Docker container with Podman? - you have to go through the export - import process first - and that is what has introduced problems for me in the past with simpler containers than Discourse - that I have tried so far . .

People in other fora have been warning me off trying to do something from scratch because it will be very difficult because Discourse has so many moving parts - but this seems like what needs to be done for a Podman container?

I’m not 100% what you’re referring to here…

In the case of Discourse, the scripts seem to build the containers locally, so assuming you want to swap in podman that part wouldn’t need much change.

If you want to pull an image from the Docker daemon, you can use podman pull docker-daemon://my-image.

If you’re referring to e.g. Docker Hub images, you can pull those just like with Docker, e.g. podman pull fedora:29.