Does this site run on Fedora Linux?

This is an interesting discussion but the question that occurred to me from it was:

“Is this Fedora Discourse site built using Fedora?”

At various times I have tried to build Discourse on Fedora but only ever got something working with the simpler development version . . and I have never seen any other post saying that they have been successful - so, it this Fedora Discourse site running on an Ubuntu container?

We are subscribing to the hosted service the company behind Discourse[1] on whatever they run. I expect it’s Ubuntu LTS based on their development docs. It’d be cool if they used Fedora Linux, but, hey, it is Linux and open source. Maybe we can convince them some time in the future.

Is this a failure to eat our own dogfood — or drink our own champagne, as the case may be? Eh, I think it’s all good — we can’t force other people, and it’d be only hurting ourselves if we demanded it of anyone we want to collaborate with. (I mean — we do collaborate with other distros ourselves!)

  1. the company is actually “CDCK” ↩︎

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A bit I guess . . but it would so nice to have a Fedora version and Discourse is so popular, it could be useful to get in on that act . .

There is this:

I think I looked at that some time ago and it has problems - can’t remember details now. I also thought about Podman instead of Docker for the Ubuntu container but one of Discourse gurus looked at it and said it would be a fair bit of work - that was more recent but still some time ago . .

I would hope that it’s less work by now.

Well that would be good - I should have another look at it.