Setting up a commercial Podman Cloud Service via a DAO


I eventually need to set up a little server farm for a yet-to-be-built BioMedical Research facility for my:

A fibre connection to the existing building (NSW, Australia) will cost about AU$700 / month which I can’t afford ATM so I thought of starting with something (lower cost to begin with) on an existing service, Linode, who have a Sydney cloud facility. Then it occurred to me that others may be interested in being involved in a project with this post’s title. Then I thought it might be good to set this project up as a DAO (managed as a co-op under NSW law):

Continuing the thought experiment, for about the same amount that it would cost me to get a fibre connection going, I could get the following machine config from Linode:

RAM CPU Storage Transfer Network In Network Out Price
96 GB 20 Cores 1920 GB SSD 20 TB 40 Gbps 10000 Mbps US$480 / mo

Could someone guesstimate how many Podman Discourse containers this machine could support?