Use university class for asset creation?

A friend of mine is a professor who is starting a “Creative Collective” course at her university. The students will have a chance to “build [their] resume and portfolio by researching, writing, designing, editing, and creating documents and digital media for community partners.” I thought that might be a good opportunity to get some marketing assets created if y’all are interested.

I can share the professor’s email address privately if someone wants to coordinate.

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It looks like there might already be GitLab issue for tracking this: Reaching out to college students to contribute

Yes, we do have that idea logged! It’s a bit broader than what Ben is suggesting, but definitely in the scope.

To be honest, I’m not sure what we could ask to have developed. That’s not to say that we don’t have a need, but rather I’m not sure what assets we are in need of developing. I would think the #design team could have ideas for this, but then again I think the design team could make their own assets.

Maybe the strategy could be to invite those students to join the marketing team as an opportunity to work on those digital media skills with a real brand? I would still feel unsure about being able to provide enough support for them to make it worth their while. If anything, it would be a chance for them to put their creative caps on and help us push forward with their own ideas. But this might be too unstructured.