Upgrading multiply F33 Workstation installations with one set of downloaded files

Is there a sure way to upgrade several physical installations of Fedora on an Ethernet network while only downloading the needed files once? It seems I’m missing some basic concept or component of the ecosystem, which is very possible!

The way to go is to create a local mirror of the Fedora Linux repositories in your network.

However, do all these workstations have the same packages installed?


For Reference:


I was hoping for an automagical solution off the command line, but the right
solution is even better…If I replace Fedora Workstation with SilverBlue
can I rebase similarly?

The installations are not identical though, Each node has a specific purpose:
Productivity, Design, and Server. The server is an old laptop with a big usb hd
that I can park a mirror on.

I’ve got some reading to do! Thanx for the information!