How to update fedora desktop to fedora server etc...?

I have Fedora 33, MATE (My favorite for its clean simplicity). I would like to “update it” to a SERVER so I will avoid to reinstall it as a FEDORA SERVER (Distro).

How could I do this ?

Further related comments:

This question, should apply to other (Spins) versions of Fedora.

A meta package (RPM) would be ideal, but 1) It does not seem to exist 2) My experience trying as group install (this was for a different Desktop Qt based) was not so great: it bricked my then Fedora 32 when I tried to uninstall it (Using dnf history undo!).

So more testing in theses areas would be useful.

So dnf undo for group install testing may not be a bad idea…


sudo dnf group install "Fedora Server Edition"
sudo dnf --allowerasing install fedora-release-identity-server

dnf swap
works with groups too.


The only difference between the server distro and the MATE spin are essentially the existence of a Desktop Environment. However, removing a Desktop Environmen often does not work, it claims all sorts of dependencies and you may run into a situation where dnf wants to remove important packages. Does dnf swap prevent this?


As dnf swap is doing (groups of) packages remove and install in one transaction, it will resolve dependence, when needed, use the --allowerasing option.


this was fast, thanks a lot.


Removing dependent packages:

Hopefully no major implications.
I shall see soon.