Upgrade - dumb question

…sorry if this is really dumb asking

If I follow upgrade instructions given here

will my F32 MATE-Compiz install upgrade to F35 MATE-Compiz ? or will it upgrade to F35 Workstation ?

I would like to upgrade, but stay with MATE-Compiz

it will upgrade F32 MATE-Compiz to F35 MATE-Compiz.

If you make just an upgrade, you will not have all the newest options. If you can make an update of your data you need and reformat the disk, then let the install tool on the live iso make all the work.

So you will have a working btrfs file system. It makes your F35 faster. This comes with F33. If you make an upgrade it will take the filesystem you have on F32 now.


Thanks for the reply, good to know. I am looking at putting together a new machine in the next few months, as this is 10+ years old already. I will take your advice then and switch to btrfs, sounds like a good idea.


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