What is the method of upgrading from F31 to F35 using DNF

My friend wants to upgrade his F31 box to F35, using the dnf method. Can someone recapitulate that for me?

Be aware that you can only skip 1 version, so you should upgrade from 31 to 33, and then from 33 to 35.

Skipping more than 1 is not recommended and not tested.

Also, I suggest to keep your system upgraded in future as there are no (security) updates available for versions older than the current two releases (currently, 35+34). This should not be underestimated, especially if you use the system on the Internet.

If your question is the difference among different upgrade methods, you can start comparing them here: Upgrading to a new release of Fedora :: Fedora Docs

No updates of any kind, security or otherwise.

Nothing else I wanted to say, hence the brackets :wink: I just wanted to focus on the security updates, which I see most critical in outdated systems. Sorry for the misleading spelling :frowning: