Upgraded F35->F36, NVIDIA drivers, Wayland how?

I have just upgraded Fedora 35 to 36 and I now have the NVIDIA proprietary drivers working. I am still getting an X session. When I log in, I only get the one option (X not Wayland). I am using xfce4. How do I get a Wayland session?

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Xfce don’t support wayland by default you have only 2 option as of now gnome or kde. Kde is still working on making more stable for wayland season as of 5.24 it is usable.


does the nvidia driver actually even support native Wayland session?

It will support now i think


I think this is limited to GDM/Gnome at the moment. As noted here, I’m not sure if other login managers + DEs support this yet.

I can confirm that with the proprietary Nvidia drivers from RPM Fusion, I could use GDM/Gnome on Wayland. (At least that’s what I remember before having to go back to X11 because Zoom/Anydesk don’t support wayland yet, though).

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Yes, and has since F35 was released.
Things are still not 100% though since some apps do not support running on wayland.