Fedora 35 Silverblue + Nvidia proprietary driver, no wayland session

Hi guys,

I have nvidia gtx 1070 GPU. Installed latest nvidia proprietary driver, after this Wayland sessions is gone.
I read that with latest nvidia driver and fedora 35, Wayland sessions should be enabled by default.

Anyone can help me to solve this problem?

Hello @pi ,
And welcome to the discussion area for all things contributing to Fedora Linux. A good place to start out finding user support is ask.fedoraproject.org, very likely your question has been asked and answered there. I don’t use Nvidia cards so don’t have to deal with it, and the only PC I have to support with one is using the open driver for it, and is more than 5 years old. Did you actually lose the option to login with Wayland? Or does it just not work? Are there some log info you can provide from the unusable session? Say maybe journalctl -b -1 --priority=3 to look at the previous boot (if it was the failed boot).

Option to choose wayland gets disabled when you install nvidia proprietary drivers. But this will change in a day or two for Fedora 35 at least. The default will still be x.org but you will be able to choose wayland from the menu at login screen if you want to.

The related package.

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I checked installed version of gnome session and it is gnome-session-40.1.1-2.fc35.x86_64, i think that is why I doesn’t have option on login screen to use wayland. Will wait when update for this package will be available and check after this.

Thank you!

The Wayland session is not available after installing nvidia-drivers due to a gdm rule disabling it by default.
You don’t really need to wait for Fedora to alter this config either. Just comment out the blacklist rules.

Before editing out the rule, you’re going to want to run the following:
sudo ostree admin unlock --hotfix
It’s going to create a new deployment based on your changes to the otherwise readonly /usr path.

The file you’re interested in is /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/61-gdm.rules. It contains a few rules about nvidia and EGL Streams, I’m not on my PC rn, but just comment out any line mentioning these.

Reboot into your new deployment or reload udev and restart gdm and you’ll be set.
Be aware that hotfixes won’t persist across new deployments so you’ll need to keep re-editing that file every now and then until this blacklist is finally removed.