Update fedora 36

I let the update run and now it is not updating. it sits at a text screen for long periods of time. On boot I have to pick a secondary login to enter my os…What is happening. I have one of those military grade motherboards. I do not want to upgrade my other computers unless I know it is specific to this motherboard. I have been getting failed update messages.

Are you doing the update manually with gnome-software? with dnf? or during the reboot (packagekit-offline-update.service)?

What text screen is displayed?

Your comment about

implies that you are able to boot and use the system but maybe some problem with that particular user account.

implies there may be other factors involved.

We need a lot more info to be sure.
Please try sudo dnf distro-sync and post any errors that show up. Also show us the output of inxi -Fxz so we can tell more about your system.

When posting screen data please use the Preformatted </> text tags to keep the data more readable.

Failed to install major system upgrade

Detailed errors from the package manager follow:

failed to resolve package_ids: Timeout was reached

I get this message after booted.

This does not tell us anything useful.

Is the user you are using an administrator for the system?

What command did you use?
Exactly what was the message?
What happened before that message was received?

If you copy&paste what you see on the screen we may be able to tell what is happening. Brief paraphrasing is not helpful for us nor you.