Install error

What is this referring to I am getting it on all my machines

Detailed errors from the package manager follow:
failed to resolve package_ids: Timeout was reached I believe it was 102.

What exactly are you doing.
Upgrading with gnome software?
Upgrading with dnf?
New install?

The timeout, in most cases, means that an upgrade fails to download a package because a mirror is taking too long to download a package. It may affect a single package, or more than one, as well as one or more mirrors.

In any case, details of exactly what is happening, what you are doing, and more details of the message are needed for us to do anything more than guess about a cause or solution.

Yeah, like @computersavvy says. In other words, give us some good clues, please, such as copy the error messages and paste them in using the </> format aid. How about what Fedora release you’re using, and the desktop environment?

There is no big clues I upgrade using dnf, yum or the software and I get and message saying an important upgrade failed to install -timeout reached. That is it!

I should say I am updating not upgrading unless it is a part of the update and in response “I am not doing wrong” Ha! Ha! I am using older systems and a military class board. but the error is the same with no info or helpful message. Hmm That sound familiar…

sorry no number after.

but i do believe the timeout error is a part of the message at times not always. Could it be that some of all of this is coding irrelevant to the motherboards I am using.

There is obviously a clue.
When you do an upgrade using dnf there are text messages on the screen about the progress and/or errors.

If you were to provide us those messages, verbatim, copied and pasted into your posts here with the </> preformatted text tags available on the toolbar above we might have some info. Without that info you are blocking our ability to provide assistance.

None of us can read your mind or read your screen so it falls on you to provide the necessary info.