Unnecessary clicks

PLEASE stop the “information” notice that this site uses cookies. That is NOT new information, a very unnecessary click and very, VERY unnecessary distraction.
Yes, it detracts from the usefulness of your site.

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I believe this is a Discourse thing for GDPR compliance.


Just accept it and you are fine. It will not bother you anymore till you remove the stored cokies.


I am assured that we are, in fact, legally required to provide that notice. I think it is ridiculous too, and basically has made every website have a pointless incomprehensible extra dialog — but… there we are.

I have done my best to make it as minimal as possible.


Does it show up frequently?
I wonder it shows only once for me when I log in after clearing cookies. It is just a GDPR compliance as stated by @vwbusguy


Well, ironically, the only way to tell if the banner has been accepted that isn’t horrifically invasive is to… set a cookie. So if you are blocking or clearing cookies, it will show up constantly.

Since, usually, cookies (especially first-party ones, directly from the website you are using) are the least of your privacy concerns, that makes the whole mess even more aggravating.

So, yeah, again — I have sympathy for where Joe is coming from. But we don’t get a choice.


I agree with the ‘irritating’ comment.
For whatever reason I find that with every restart of my computer I have to log in again and when I do it again shows up. I guess that is related to the fact that chrome starts a new session which does not use the already existing cookies so it has to start over instead of re-using the already existing session.

With a forced shutdown (logout or restart) that does not properly close chrome the recovery process bypasses that pop-up.


Thanks for that, Matthew.


And you’ve done a pretty good job at it mate, it could be a lot worse, compared to other sites that have that notice taking almost a third of the screen having a little bar at the bottom isn’t that bad.

People like to complain about the GDPR-driven cookie notices. (And I agree, static, one-button notices that merely force you to click “OK” like you’re a performing seal are pretty pointless — plus, the number of big sites that still don’t show them makes me suspect the legal thinking on whether/when they’re really required is still evolving.)

But the commercial web’s GDPR requirements/compliance effort has also led to the implementation, at more and more sites, of boxes like THESE that allow you to actually choose whether, and which types, of cookies you’ll permit them setting for your session (screenshot taken from https://superoffice.com/):

That’s something I feel is a genuinely positive development in user choice. And there isn’t a chance in hell sites would’ve added anything of the sort, without the “incentive” provided by the GDPR.

It shouldn’t work that way. Most cookies set for purposes like that aren’t session cookies, they should persist through session restarts, reboots, etc. Are you sure you don’t have an option like “Privacy and Security > Cookies and other site data > Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” turned on?

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I’m using this and it’s working really well:


It could be worse. There could be a “covid exists, and we’re blaming our poor performance on working remotely” popup, and another one about “we stand with ukraine”

Government Regulation has ruined the web. Don’t forget that, and don’t let others forget it.

Until such time as the EU is dissolved, use a plugin to block these popups. I recommend Cookie Popup Blocker – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Perhaps Fedora should be bundling firefox with that plugin by default in the Workstation build. Now there’s a feature request we can all stand behind!

What is the point of allowing cookies if you don’t use one to remember that I allowed cookies?

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Personally I find the cookie banner quite reasonable. And, being an EU citizen, I’m glad that fedora project respects our laws, even when they are made inefficient by American lobbyists.

FYI, original proposal on cookies required all of them to be opt-in, but the lobbyists turned it around. So now you have to click that you accept cookies, and dig it deep if you disagree. And it could have been the other way around, you could say “no thanks” and then the site would bit be (legally) allowed to store advertising cookies.


Are you having problems with that? It should remember — it sets a cookie, in fact.

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I agree. It should. I use 6 different browsers on mac, ios, windows and fedora. No web site that I have accessed EVER remembers that you accepted the cookies. This includes stackexchange, medscape and the AMA to name a few. I’m not inclined to delve deep enough into this to decide where the problem resides; I probably couldn’t fix it even if I figured it out. Maybe it’s just easier to nag all the time than to code something more intelligent.

Yeah but, the point of cookies is to remember stuff. Once you have opted-in, it should remember that

I find lots of sites that I have set my preferences, but the popup still shows up, even when it shows the settings I already made.

Exactly. Why is that?