Are tags useful on this discourse instance?

They’re definitely of use on Ask Fedora, because searching and filtering is pretty important for help and troubleshooting.

I’m kind of thinking they are less useful here, and that turning them off will reduce clutter and make the site easier to use. What do you think?

Should we keep tags?
  • They are useful and need to stay.
  • I don’t find them valuable but don’t mind them.
  • They should be disabled.
  • I don’t care at all.

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Kind of on the fence on this one… if you don’t use them correctly, that reduces their usefulness, but when used properly they make it easier to find specific content.


This is pretty much how I feel too. They have potential but we would need some kind of plan about how to manage them over time.

I might opt to disable them for now, and reconsider over time if the community here grows and scales.