Mobile view with annoying elements

Hello first.

Explanatory introduction: When I just want to read the forum on my Android phone without being logged in I noticed two things that I find annoying.
As a right handed person, I keep getting my thumbs on the link and “I Like” icons. This of course redirects me to the login page. Then I have to go back with 2 clicks and restart the translation in Chrome.
I’m sorry but it’s really extremely annoying.

I am attaching a small image to make it easier to understand.

So my question on this topic; Can you provide a setting to switch from right handed to left handed. Then the icons would be on the right side and would not interfere in the workflow.

As a 2nd I noticed when I logged out of Ask-Fedora and then come back as described above e.g. on the “I Like” button I am automatically logged back in. This behavior seems to be related to the cookie. If I delete this, the behavior is again as expected. How long this automatic login is present I can not say. This behavior does not speak for security.

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We don’t develop the software that this forum uses (Discourse). We just pay Discourse to host it for us on one of their plans.

I had a quick look at the admin settings and didn’t see a setting to modify the interface. So, this is an issue/feature that will need to be reported to/request at Discourse directly:

I haven’t been able to look into this yet. You should’ve received a notification from the website that it uses cookies, in any case.

It is simply that the SSO is set up to authorize logins for a period of time. It is still validating that your account is active, just not re-prompting for a password. I think this is fine for the level of security risk hijacking a session on Ask Fedora presents. Other services require re-authentication each time.

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You can, by the way, go to to log out of the SSO.

And extra bonus: instead of being prompted for a password, if you get a Kerberos ticket (not sure how on mobile, but for example in GNOME, configure “enterprise login” for yourusername@FEDORAPROJECT.ORG).

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