How to switch to FAS authentication?

So, I see under my account preferences that I have this site set to auto-sign-on using OAuth 2 and my gmail account. I’d like to change that to use my FAS SSO instead. How do I do that and keep all my posts and settings?

Yeah so I did a bit of digging from my own account and I cannot change the authentication, except the admin has the option to enable authenticating via Apple ID I think, but I don’t think we have that enabled on the site here. Sorry @glb :person_pouting:, I think we’re SOL on this, I wanted to use my FAS sign on too.

I’m not sure who marked the above reply as a solution, but it definitely wasn’t me.

I did a little more googling and I found the below thread which looks promising.

Excerpted from Future Social Authentication Improvements:

Discourse now has the ability to connect and disconnect different authentication providers to your account. …

Note that this is a security concern of sorts (though not a major one), so my interest in being able to do this is a little more than casual.


P.S. Please un-mark the previous response as a solution. I do not at all agree with that assessment. I’d rather leave this post/request open than just say that it cannot be done.

According to the list of supported authorization providers they are now supporting OpenID, so we should just be able to select that. But I still cannot find the where/how I can as a client.

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It looks like what is available might depend on the “hosting provider”.

So we need the plugin installed then? @mattdm WDYT?