Why does Fedora Discussion require login to see the contents unlike Ask Fedora?

In the context of migrating Ask Fedora to the Fedora Discussion: https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/ask-fedora-site-major-changes-coming-soon/66897, I noticed that the Fedora Discussion requires the login to see the contents, while Ask Fedora doesn’t.

Why does Fedora Discussion require a login to see the contents?

I think people want to “see” the contents without login. Thinking about the use case: search for something in a search engine, and find Fedora discussion on the result of the search engine. Then click and the login is required.

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Note that the DuckDuckGo can list threads on Fedora Discussion on their search result.

E.g. See Fedora Discussion Wayland site:discussion.fedoraproject.org at DuckDuckGo .

Uh, it shouldn’t. Hold on…


This should be fixed now. Looks like a setting got inadvertently flipped, and I didn’t notice since I was logged in. Thanks for letting me know!


Awesome! Now I can see the contents without login!