Unmaximized Window Cannot Be Handled

I have kind of an odd problem – screenshot attached on Cinnamon DE. Whenever I open dnf dragora, I get an unmaximized window with titlebar above my screen limit, and control buttons below the screen limit. I cannot resize the window, maximize or minimize it, or use the program for any purpose. I am using the command line now for my dnf functions, but it’s interesting to be painted into a corner like this, and I’d like to get out!

Many thanks for your help


I have an update and correction. With Alt-F7 I could move the window, and in so doing I found that it can only be maximized or minimized. I can resize the window horizontally, but cannot do so vertically. Hence, I still have limited functionality and would appreciate any help available. Thanks again!

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Great catch @anthonys53 this situation should never happen as the borders screen should not be breached by the title-bar at any time - I encoutered this situation on Windows only when switching resolutions…


I don’t know that this is a great catch, Rafael – I just cannot ignore it.

I need to make it clear at this point how I use dnf dragora. Since it is not possible to reduce the vertical dimension of the window, I use Alt+F7 to move the window downward so I can access the drop-down menus, options, etc., and then I use Alt+F7 again to move the window upward so I can hit the buttons on the bottom of the window. Needless to say, this is not the way the Cinnamon creators intended.

Thanks for your well intentioned reply. It didn’t suggest anything, however, that gets me out of this predicament.

An alternative workaround is to use mouse/touchpad with modifiers:

  • Super+Left click - move window
  • Super+Middle click - resize window

Ideally, you should report the issue properly:

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Thank you very much. Rightly or wrongly, I like to have at least one person agree that an unusual thing is really a bug before I report it as such. It clearly needs to be done, and I will do it. You should know, however, that the mouse/touchpad modifiers you provided don’t work, perhaps because I’m using Cinnamon as opposed to another DE you might have had in mind?

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Hear! Hear! Hear! I would definitely call that a bug.

All humor aside, I have to agree that any window that cannot be resized in both horizontal and vertical dimensions is a problem. The fact that when created it fills the screen vertically and the top bar of the window is behind the screen top bar is a problem. In my experience the only time the top bar of the screen should be overwritten is when in full screen mode with an app and that hides the top bar instead of putting part of the window under the bar. Even when trying to move a window it should never hide anything under the screen bar. When I try moving any window up on gnome it refuses to put the top edge of the window above the bottom edge of the screen bar.

I agree with @vgaetera that you should file it as a bug and it seems dragora and cinnamon related although I do not use dragora so I cannot say it does not occur on gnome as well.

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Many thanks to all. The bug now appears as No. 1889185. Cheers!

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Pressing Super key and or Alt + F10 should maximize the window…

Not in this case. Thanks anyway.

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