Dnfdragora missing update all button

I have fresh install of XFCE Spin to get hands-on with UI of dnfdragora 2.1.2 and do updates using UI. dnf version 4.14

in dnfdragora updater, I cannot find ‘select all’ and ‘update all’ buttons on filter/search line.

  • Check for updates
  • It prompted 386 updates available (that corresponds to what dnf update command displays).
  • I clicked open dnfdragora dialog
  • UI shows what ‘to update’

Please see attached screenshot.

Seems like they have fixed the vertical geometry of the main window and it cannot be resized. However, if you maximise the window, I think you might get to the buttons.

Or, you could try a higher resolution desktop. The fixed geometry on my system shows a fixed vertical size of 806px.

I would have thought this was a bug and not intentional.

Edit: seems it is reported as an issue:

Yes it is a bug, because of missing contact data of the original developer, it is not definitely fixed yet.

You can run it with
/usr/bin/dnfdragora --qt
then you are able to resize it.

I just tried --qt, but it still doesn’t let you reduce the vertical size, or not on my system.

You have to grab it on a corner …

Nope. Top, Bottom, corner…will not reduce vertically, only increase.

Please try this:


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Damn, and I thought I had all the qt libraries already :wink:

But, yes, that now works.

Over to the OP @hankuoffroad ?

You still should be able to moove a bit the windows up to the top, so you can at least see where the buttons are :blush: and do a guess which one you have to use (second from left=select all).

Dnfdragora was the bigges desapointment when i moved from “Linuxmint Mate” to Fedora Linux Mate.

Fortunately i felt in love with dnf … and using the groups to install differen DE’s

I not suffered long, and could even extend my knowledge.

I know this is not an excuse, It just needs someone who has the ability to write a new tool based on newer technologies as dnfdragora is.

I agree that dnf rules. Compared to apt that is.

I am reasonably new to Fedora, and Fedora destroys my debian/ubuntu/mint experience, although mint was good. Fedora is just better.

But, I do like the fact dnfdragora-update sits in my tray (Cinnamon DE) and pings me when updates are available.

Disappointment compared to what? Please not Gnome-Software?

I didn’t realize it was discussed in previous thread, sorry.

After I tried the work-around with the libYui-qt plugin or /usr/bin/dnfdragora --qtas suggested, I can see the lower part of window that shows three buttons (Apply, Select all and quit).

I’ll digest the thread more closely and upstream documentation.

It works.


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Linux mint has an excellent Gui for the software based on debian’s package system (10 years ago). That’s why I felt disappointed while seeing the old Gui from mandrakes time… Just putting down the progress bar where the buttons are eliminate some spacing would change everything. As I said … it needs someone who loves to do that and likes to thinker in old code.

Happy New Year!

My initial take-on with dnfdragora is here.
I looked at a hybrid process of using graphical software manager with dnf.