Dnfdragora starts in full screen mode after F32 to F33 upgrade

dnfdragora 2.1.0 is starting in full-screen mode. This started to occur either with the F32 to F33 upgrade or with updates very shortly after.

Everything works fine, but it is bothersome to have to resize the window each time.

Has anyone else encountered this or know if an existing bug has been reported? Suggestions on where/how to enter Bugzilla note on this would also be appreciated.

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You can follow this to file a bug:

I don’t currently see a bug about this issue:


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I can confirm that behavior in a way. I can move the left and right borders of the window on my X1 Carbon running with cinnamon spin (F32 upgraded to F33 last Friday) with double (Hi-DPI) scale, so I cannot see the control buttons unless I move the window with ALT-Key and mouse button outside the upper screen. It appears since a while, maybe an update in Sept. or Oct. I was hoping it will be fixed with another update, but until now, nothing changed.


Opened bug report on this issue

Thank you for the responses @FranciscoD and @stippi