Dnfdragora funny behaviour

Setup: Fedora 35 Workstation, Gnome. Wayland, or Xorg.
Dnfdragora funny behaviour
On double clicking dnfdragora icon in the App Launcher or in the Applications drop down menu the application fails to start. The GUI interface does not open. This is occurring on one Fedora 35 machine in particular and randomly on the other two.

On double clicking the dnfdragora app icon the word “Python” appears in the Gnome Panel bar at the top left of the screen and nothing else happens. By right clicking on the word “python” and selecting “Quit” from the drop down menu the App will close some times after a long wait.

Sometimes I have to do this 6 times or more but eventually the dnfdragora GUI screen will open on the screen. Some times the GUI screen will appear on the first go others not other times it appears that depending on how fast I can double click in the application Icon as to how many times I need to repeat the start/quit sequence.

Starting the dnfdragora App from the terminal is also jot always successful first time up. The attached code is what results if the App does not start.

There are NO problems wit any other apps on starting or using so this is specific to dnfdragora.

The second issue with dnfdragora I have is as follows.

Not every timer but often enough to be a pest is that once the GUI is open the data for the ‘to update” or “show x86_64 and noarch only” is not downloaded and no action is possible by clicking on any of the app functions other than by clicking on “x” to close. Often a restart of the App will not result in the data being displayed. A complete log out and re log in and restart of the the dnfdragroa app, if it does not get caught up in the first issue above, will display the data.

Finally. If I manage to get it all running and wish to change between the “to update” screen and the “show x86_64 and noarch only” screen there is message that is displayed.

“Python 3 is not responding
Force Quit or Wait”

Sometimes if I wait long enough the software list is displayed other times nothing happens.


Try reading configuration file

From ./dnfdragora.yaml

Skipped exception: <[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘./dnfdragora.yaml’>

From /etc/dnfdragora/dnfdragora.yaml

Finally read user settings from /home/gorden/.config/dnfdragora.yaml

<M> [ui] YUILoader.cc:60 loadUI(): DISPLAY: “:0”

<M> [ui] YUILoader.cc:61 loadUI(): XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP: “GNOME”

<M> [ui] YUILoader.cc:62 loadUI(): YUI_PREFERED_BACKEND: “”

<M> [ui] YUILoader.cc:74 loadUI(): Detected a Gtk-based desktop environment.

<M> [ui] YUILoader.cc:74 loadUI(): Prefering Gtk-UI if available and no

<M> [ui] YUILoader.cc:74 loadUI(): user-selected override is present.

<M> [ui] YUILoader.cc:96 loadUI(): User-selected UI-plugin: “”

<M> [ui] YUILoader.cc:128 loadUI(): Using UI-plugin: “gtk”

<M> [ui] YUI.cc:83 YUI(): This is libyui 4.2.16

<M> [ui] YUI.cc:84 YUI(): Creating UI without threads

<M> [gtk] YGUI.cc:49 YGUI(): This is libyui-gtk 2.52.0

<M> [gtk] YGUI.cc:167 checkInit(): Style “/usr/share/libyui/theme/current/wizard/style.css”

<M> [gtk] YGUI.cc:189 checkInit(): Style “/usr/share/libyui/theme/current/wizard/style.css” not found. Ignoring style

<M> [ui] YUI.cc:238 topmostConstructorHasFinished(): Running without threads

<M> [ew] YExternalWidgets.cc:40 YExternalWidgets(): Creating Libyui External Widgets object

[Gdk] libyui-gtk:0 (): gdk_monitor_get_workarea: assertion ‘GDK_IS_MONITOR (monitor)’ failed

[Gdk] libyui-gtk:0 (): gdk_monitor_get_geometry: assertion ‘GDK_IS_MONITOR (monitor)’ failed

[Gdk] libyui-gtk:0 (): gdk_monitor_get_workarea: assertion ‘GDK_IS_MONITOR (monitor)’ failed

[Gdk] libyui-gtk:0 (): gdk_monitor_get_geometry: assertion ‘GDK_IS_MONITOR (monitor)’ failed

[Gtk] libyui-gtk:0 (): gtk_window_resize: assertion ‘width > 0’ failed

<M> [mga-gtk-ui] YMGA_GCBTable.cc:439 YMGA_GCBTable(): columns 8 tot 8

(python3:407984): Gtk-WARNING **: 15:13:05.786: Negative content width -7 (allocation 1, extents 4x4) while allocating gadget (node headerbar, owner GtkHeaderBar)

(python3:407984): Gtk-WARNING **: 15:13:05.786: gtk_widget_size_allocate(): attempt to allocate widget with width -102 and height 18

same issue, did you sort this out

No I had no luck with that. I just just dnf in terminal. I liked dnfdragora because I could get a list of all teh pckages and select what I want. Now using the terminal I sort of have to know the actual name of the file i may want to install. Hope they come uip with a good GUI for DNF5 when it is released