Unable to start installation media for version 39

Hello, everyone, I am new here. I am trying to escape from Windows.
When I was installing fedora version 39, I had a problem with the installation media getting stuck on the startup screen.
I can confirm that version 38 can start normally.
I don’t know what information I need to provide, so if you need anything, feel free to ask and I’ll answer it.

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It is also normal in beta version 40.
Only version 39 has this problem, which is strange.

Maybe this is related

It may be relevant, but there are still some differences, that is, my installation media does not report an error when it starts, but directly gets stuck.
Stuck means that there is no response from the startup interface, and there is no response from pressing any key on the keyboard.
I think it’s not so much the bootloader problem, but something wrong with the graphics driver.

If that is the case then usually it is possible to use the troubleshooting option to boot with basic graphics that works for almost all GPUs out there.

If, however, it is not even getting to the very first screen where it allows the user to select “start”, “test and start” or “troubleshooting” please let us know that.

Compatibility mode can also get stuck.
It stuck after the OEM icon was displayed.

Try to setup network configuration first, It should set everything after that.

How? Is it in grub?
I don’t have wired Internet, only wireless Internet.

I got the logs before it got stuck.

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I checked the ISO files using checksum and found that they did not match. It’s normal after downloading again.
Problem solved, thank you.


That check should be done as soon as the file is downloaded, not after a problem is noted.

Yes you can pass as a grub parameters.