Talk: Install media don’t boot in UEFI mode on certain motherboards

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Thanks for sharing - my only note would be that, it seems quite possible this isn’t exclusively a Fedora issue - I also play around with Linux Mint some, and the last time I tried to install it I had a heck of a time because of issues related to the shim versions being used by upstream Ubuntu, it seemed.

On Mint, I ended up having to disable Secure Boot to get the installed OS to boot at all, even though the live image worked OK (sounds like almost the inverse of this issue?). On the same machine, though, Fedora 37 installed just fine. Maybe comes down to the different versions of shim-related things that would be in Debian/Ubuntu vs. Fedora?

Is there maybe some broader thing going on with Secure Boot as a whole? In the Bugzilla comments it’s noted that at least some component of a root cause fix for Fedora’s issue would depend on significant kernel changes…which would eventually impact all distributions, I’d think?

It probably impacts all distributions which use the same shim version.