Transfer data between Fedora host and Windows VM in gnome boxes


Please let me know if there’s a method to transfer data to and fro between Fedora host and Windows VM in gnome boxes.


samba ?
sftp ?

I think we already tackled the overall issue in

virt-manager might be more appropriate for your purposes, or maybe cockpit. I use virt-manager for things like that. The solution we elaborated for you in the above thread seems to remain valid.

I do not know how/if it is possible to add a USB stick in gnome-boxes as a “worst case” alternative to exchange data, but beyond, you have only the Internet with its usual exchange capabilities: gnome-boxes is not made for that purpose.

Hi everyone,

I have solved this issue by installing the spice-webdav, using which I can share the Public folder between the Fedora host and Windows guest.


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