Fedora 30 / Gnome Boxes / Windows 10 guest / folder shares

Hello everyone,

I installed Windows 10 as Gnome Boxes guest (Fedora 30).

On virtual Windows I did all the stuff from: Download (spice-guest-tools-latest.exe, spice-webdavd-x64-latest.msi).

In Boxes I shared folder: Public. In my virtual Windows I see the folder in Windows File Explorer in Network Drive (Z:) but when I try copy some file from Network Drive (Z:) > Public to another file folder in virtual machine (for exapmle: Downloads), the file is copied very slowly and after a while Windows show error: 0x800700DF: The file size exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved.

How to increase the speed of copying files between shared folders (Fedora → Windows)? And how to eliminate the copying error?

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Can you give some more details about the file type and size? Which filesystem are you using in Windows?

Anyway, it looks like a Windows issue. If you google the error you’ll find several tips to solve it. For example, this one.

I’m happy to read that Boxes folder shares work fine with Windows 10 guest. I cannot make it work in Windows 7.