How to share virtual machine between computers

Can a virtual machine, in this case made with gnome boxes, be shared between different computers? I am thinking of synchronizing the directory(ies) where the images and snapshots are stored, with eg syncthing.

Which directories would need to be shared?

Is there a better way to do this?

You can actually manage VMs remotely as if they were running locally.
Just customize the libvirt connection URI to access the virtualization server over SSH.
The connection URI for GNOME Boxes is here:

# GNOME Boxes config
xdg-open ~/.config/gnome-boxes/sources/"QEMU Session"

# Session mode URI

Make sure to set up key based authentication for SSH.

There’s also virt-manager that allows multiple simultaneous connections both local and remote, and it should better suite this use case.

If you still decide to proceed with synchronization, take care of the following directories:

# Session mode

# System mode

GNOME Boxes works in session mode by default.

See also: qemu:///system vs qemu:///session | Cole Robinson

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