Touchpad gestures not working despite updates

Hi there.

I would like some advice on how to proceed with my touchpad problem.

Its gestures, sensitivity and responsiveness decrease or suddenly stop working.

Sometimes turning it off or blocking it helps, but often only for a short time. Everything is updated frequently in the hope that an update will solve the problem.

My laptop is an Acer 514-54G running Gnome 46, Fedora 40 and kernel 6.8.9. I have a dedicated MX 350 video card with NVidia proprietary drivers and use Wayland.

Some guidelines I have already found are

  • Update the driver. It is already updated;
  • Enable and disable the touchpad. I often do this, sometimes it partially solves the problem;
  • Check that the touchpad is recognised by libinput. It is recognised, the times I have accessed the logs there have been no problems reported for the component name or its identifier.

Recently a similar problem was reported here, I waited for the kernel update, updated today, the problem persists.

Thanks in advance.