Multi-Touch gestures stop working after NVIDIA driver installed

hey there,

i fairly new to the fedora world and stumbled upon a problem on my new system: After i installed the NVIDIA-drivers the touch gestures stopped working. The touch-pad still works for the basics like clicking and 2-finger-scrolling. 3-finger and 4-finger gestures though aren’t possible anymore. Before i installed the NVIDIA-GPU-drivers (which i thought won’t intervene with my input devices) everything worked fine. Don’t know what went wrong.
Do you have a clue what may be the problem here.
Thanks for taking this moment for my problem. It is much appreciated

Hi, please check with echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE if the result is x11, most likely your system is fine. Nvidia driver most likely will only work with x11 and the wayland session will be disabled. The multi touches gesture more than two finger, as far as I know only work with wayland and not with x11 by default.

Ah Thank You, that did trick! I just had to change it back to wayland in the log-in screen. :slight_smile: merci

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