Touchpad does not work with fingertips

I installed fedora 35 for the first time, but the touchpad doesn’t work with my fingertips. I need to put the entire bottom of my finger on the touchpad for it to recognize.

It wasn’t like that on windows, it recognized my fingertips and moved.

Is it a driver problem? If yes, how to solve it?

Impossible to answer your question with the data you (don’t) provide.

We need to know the system (make & model), version of fedora, current OS level (fully updated or not), and the output of “lspci -nn” and “inxi -Fxx” so we at least have a starting point to analyze the problem.

Without the data we are left hanging in the wind.

Hi Jhordan Willy Costa Welcome to the discussion.
In Settings ; Mouse and Touchpad you could change these settings.