Touchpad issue in Fedora

I’ve been having an issue with the touchpad on my laptop, which has Fedora 34 installed on it, to be clear. The issue is that sometimes, when I click down on the touchpad (not tapping it, but pressing on it), certain parts of the touchpad are not responsive to input, except for the very bottom right corner of the touchpad, which works fine. Any help with the issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hey, @fedoraforlife… Let’s start with collecting some info for the community.

  1. What’s the make and model of the device?
  2. Has the laptop ever had another OS on it and were there any issues with the touchpad in that OS?
  3. If it’s only ever had Fedora and this is after an upgrade—like from 33 to 34—did it show up after the upgrade?
  4. You could post the results of dmesg to provide some possible kernel errors and lshw to list specific info about your hardware; you could even share systemctl status to provide some additional information.
  1. My PC is a Dell Inspiron 5481.

  2. I dual boot my PC with Windows 10. I haven’t had any touchpad issues while using Windows.

  3. I did not upgrade or downgrade Fedora. I installed Fedora 34 on my PC and it has stayed that way.
    I might post dmesg, lshw, or systemctl status later, as I’m not at my main PC right now.

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Thanks, @fedoraforlife… Is that one of the “Vostro” ones?

That additional information may help the community help you troubleshoot; totally understand not being right near the device right now.

It might be worth it to fire up a liveusb of Fedora, as well as maybe another distro, just to see if the issue persists there…

I have a live USB of Fedora. I’ll fire it up when I get near my main machine. Also, what’s a vostro?


I think “Vostro” is one of the models of Dells…

Never mind. I just got a new mouse for my PC, so I won’t have much use for the touchpad.

I would strongly recommend that you upgrade fedora 34. You said you installed it and it has stayed that way. There are almost 1000 updates to software since fedora 34 was released. Also, you will not be able to update it to fedora 35 with anything other than a clean new install if you do not update fedora 34 to the latest first.

This sounds like your touchpad is configured for virtual buttons located at the bottom. How would you like it to work? The behaviour is configurable. Please provide answers to @bryanmoore 's questions so that we can point you in the right direction.