Toolbox: unable to migrate containers

Over the last few days, still on fedora workstation 31 (fully up to date) toolbox somehow got broken.

[mike@lenny ~]$ toolbox enter
toolbox: unable to migrate containers
[mike@lenny ~]$ toolbox list
toolbox: unable to migrate containers
[mike@lenny ~]$ toolbox create -c testing
toolbox: unable to migrate containers
[mike@lenny ~]$ toolbox -v  create -c testing
toolbox: running as real user ID 1000
toolbox: resolved absolute path for /usr/bin/toolbox to /usr/bin/toolbox
toolbox: checking if /etc/subgid and /etc/subuid have entries for user mike
toolbox: TOOLBOX_PATH is /usr/bin/toolbox
toolbox: running on a cgroups v2 host
toolbox: current Podman version is 2.0.0-dev
Error: unrecognized command `podman system migrate`
Try 'podman system --help' for more information.
toolbox: unable to migrate containers

podman still works, but it looks like an upgrade to podman broke toolbox. I upgraded to workstation 32 today and the problem remains. What to do?

Hello @tigerpaws,
I notice you are using Podman Version 2.0.0-dev. I run F32SB, and my Podman version is listed as 1.8.2 and my F31 containers migrated for me. Did the newer version of Podman you have change/ditch the migrate sub-command? Perhaps do a manpage/help check to see if there is a change.

Oops. Looks like I’m getting podman from the upstream copr repo for CRIO, and forgot about it. II should be able to downgrade it. @jakfrost, Thanks for making me take note of that.

Glad I could help a little. Doesn’t podman user CRIO in 1.8.2 as well? I thought that was part of the change back around F30, but I could be wrong.

I’ve downgraded podman, and now it’s fine. It’s simply that toolbox doesn’t support podman 2.0 and I was pulling podman from the copr repo baude-Upstream_CRIO_Family, without realizing it. I guess podman was upgraded there to 2.0 a few days ago. This is what happens when you install bleeding edge stuff and then forget about it. I don’t even remember what I needed that repo for.

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