Toolbox error on Fedora Kinoite Rawhide

Hi all,

maybe someone is able to help me out with this? I’ve been running Fedora Kinoite (Prerelease/Rawhide) on my new AMD Framework 13 for over a month now without any real hiccups to speak of. Since a couple of days, however, I haven’t been able to enter any of my toolboxes. When issuing the command “toolbox enter fedora” I get the error “failed to get the Podman version”. The same thing happens with my Arch Linux toolbox.

Everything works just fine up until the Rawhide.20231120 build. Anything more recent than that gives me the error.

Does anyone know how to fix/troubleshoot this?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Very simple fix IMHO.

If you expect 100% stability do not run rawhide. It is after all a development and testing environment and sometimes things break. Instead run the latest released version.

In your case on rawhide you would need to stick with the 20231120 build that works for your use until another working build is released.

When running rawhide it is assumed that you are participating in the testing and that you would provide feedback to the developers as to what does or does not work.

I would recommend filling a bug upstream for toolbox to make them aware of the issue.

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Alright, I will! Thanks!