Persistent Toolbox error with recent Kinoite releases


In every Kinoite release since 39.20231130.0 (the last working release, which I have pinned), up through 39.20231202.0, Toolbox fails to start for me.

All attempts to enter a toolbox fail with Error: failed to get the Podman version.

Trying to get the podman version myself, I get:

Error: database libpod root directory (staticdir) "/home/jt/.local/share/containers/storage/libpod" 
does not match our libpod root directory (staticdir) 
"/var/home/jt/.local/share/containers/storage/libpod": database configuration mismatch

I observe that the only difference in these paths is the “/var” prefix. When I upgraded from Kinoite 38 to Kinoite 39, I noticed that bash would always say my PWD was “/var/home/jt” instead of “~” or something. I switched my PS1 and didn’t think more of it.

podman system reset also fails with the above error. If I roll back to my last working Kinoite build, everything is fine.

Does anyone know what’s going on here?


This is the upstream issue:


I can confirm this also happens on Kinoite beta

podman version 4.8.1