Timeshift on Fedora 36

Hey experts,
I’m about to do a fresh install of Fedora 36 on a new notebook, is this still necessary to make Timeshift work please?

Fedora 36 Beta: Changing btrfs structure and install Timeshift

Also, are the suggested options to be added to /etc/fstab safe and valid? Yes, my drive is a SSD too.

Thanks a lot.

sudo dnf info timeshift says it depends how you install it. If you want to install as a automatic installation you have to do changes.

: In BTRFS mode, snapshots are taken using the in-built features of the BTRFS
: filesystem. BTRFS snapshots are supported only on BTRFS systems having an
: Ubuntu-type subvolume layout (with @ and @home subvolumes).

Thank you.

What about the suggested options to be added to /etc/fstab please?

Anyone please?