Can't install timeshhift on automatic install

hello i installed fedora 36 few months ago and people are recommending timeshift
but when i’m trying to setup timeshift it cannot find root directory

can someone help me?

sudo dnf info timeshift

: In BTRFS mode, snapshots are taken using the in-built features of the BTRFS
: filesystem. BTRFS snapshots are supported only on BTRFS systems having an
: Ubuntu-type subvolume layout (with @ and @home subvolumes).

can i change / to @ ?

Google tells me there are 243,000 responses to a search for “managing btrfs filesystems”.

I have not had reason to try what you are asking about but there are many links to guides on how to manage btrfs.

Please watch the video i linked from an other post. It explains exactly what is to do.