This month in Fedora CoreOS (May 2022)

Welcome to the May issue of “This Month in Fedora CoreOS”. In these posts, we will give a regular overview of notable things that have happened in Fedora CoreOS.


All FCOS streams have been moved to Fedora 36 :tada: :tada:


New Ignition release v2.14.0

  • Fixes an issue where some systemd units couldn’t be disabled.
  • Unable to disable zincati.service using Ignition #392
  • Delete userdata after provisioning on VirtualBox and VMware
  • Added aarch64 support for ignition-validate container in
  • Support for kubevirt (we need to push this over the finish line)

coreos-assembler has been moved to F36
rpm-ostree v2022.9:

  • (compose) Add support for propagating RPM IMA signatures
  • (container) Support yum install foo
  • (container) Support override replace and override remove
    ostree v2022.3:
  • Better support for local SELinux policy customizations
  • Improved overall online documentation

Format change for Nutanix artifact
Added Nutanix documentation
Ignition configs are now deleted from VMware and VirtualBox hypervisors after provisioning is complete

FCOS Count me stats

Let’s looks at the data we get from the rpm-ostree countme service. The following are representing the instances that have been up for a week or longer.

Number of FCOS instances per week

Number of FCOS instances per Fedora version


Number of FCOS instances per architectures


Where to find us

We meet on IRC( #fedora-meeting-1) or Matrix (Fedora Meeting 1) every wednesday at 16:30 UTC. You can also find us on the #fedora-coreos channel.
If you would like to report an issue or ask a question, you can use our GitHub tracker.

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