This month in Fedora CoreOS (February 2022)

Welcome to the February issue of “This Month in Fedora CoreOS”. In these posts, we will give a regular overview of notable things that have happened in Fedora CoreOS.


In terms of releases nothing special during this month.


  • Added a new Major Change page in our documentation.

  • Improvement in our documentation, the new live image customization commands are now documented and we have also reworked and extended live ISO/PXE documentation. see GitHub PR

  • Support TFTP URLs in kernel argument for passing the PXE rootfs to a machine. see GitHub PR

  • rpm-ostree got a new release.

  • Getting close to have Ignition supporting defining user level systemd unit See GitHub PR. Thanks Nemric for this first contribution :tada:

In case you missed it

  • A new major version of podman is coming in Fedora CoreOS, this is a major release that introduces backward incompatible changes more info here

  • Fedora CoreOS is moving to iptables-nft, more details here

Where to find us

We meet on IRC( #fedora-meeting-1) or Matrix (Fedora Meeting 1) every wednesday at 16:30 UTC. You can also find us on the #fedora-coreos channel.
If you would like to report an issue or ask a question, you can use our GitHub tracker.