Third party repo gnome software


I activated the third party repository in gnome software and after restarting I activated the chrome repo and installed chrome with rpm-ostree.

Do I get the updates automatically with this method?

Yes, if you have automatic uodates enabled in Gnome Software, it will update it for you, or you can use rpm-ostree update in command line.

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I am surprised because I have not found this method in any of the articles.:smile:

Thanks for the info :smiley:

I believe that automatic updates at Gnome Software only works with Flatpak. As far I know, ostree doens’t automatic update via Gnome Software.

Software will update rpm-ostree as well, depending on if the particular package is reachable at configured repos.

Gnome Software can update system using rpm-ostree and can even do a full rebase, you will see an option to upgrade to Fedora 33 in Gnome Software on Tuesday, when Fedora 33 will be released. If you confirm, Gnome Software will do a full rebase using rpm-ostree under the hood.

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I’m talking about “Automatic Updates” option at Gnome Software.
At my machine, at least, it never auto-updates ostree (aka gets and installs a new deployment).
I always need to explicitly order Gnome Software to apply an ostree deployment.

There is some talking about this at: