Thinkpad T14s AMD Gen3 - 6.7.x kernels suspend crashes (QCNFA765 ath11k wifi issue)


I’ve taken the liberty of extracting one of the two bugs identified in this thread.

Issue in RedHat bug tracker: Bug 2262577 - kernel-6.7.4 broken suspend (QCNFA765 ath11k)
Issue in Kernel bug tracker: Bug 218364 - BISECTED mac80211 + ath11k crash system suspend - Dell XPS-13 9310


Summary of QCNFA765 ath11k problems kernel-6.7.4

The current 6.7.x suspend crashes are intertwined with the long standing packet loss and latency problems we’ve been seeing with QCNFA765 Linux ath11k.

Kernel 6.4.12-6.6.14 all had the same problem where you need the iw dev wlp1s0 set power_save off workaround to prevent crippling packet losses and slow speeds. With the power_save workaround applied this wifi adapter was mostly tolerable.

Kernel-6.7.3 broke suspend.

Kernel-6.7.4 included a partial fix.

I think I have this issue since 2024-02-06 when this kernel-6.7.3-200.fc39 package was published in stable.

Added bug, f39, suspend-resume

This bug is fixed on my workstation, see detail here: Random resume (after suspend) issue on ThinkPad T14s AMD Gen3 (Radeon 680M, Ryzen 7) - #19 by stephaneklein