Thinkpad T14S AMD Gen3 - drm/amd firmware bug since Kernel 6.6.8

I’ve taken the liberty of extracting one of the two bugs identified in this thread.

Upstream issue Asus Zephyrus G14 GA402 - Suspend not working reliably since Kernel 6.6.8:

Since kernel 6.6.8, I’ve been having suspend issues. Sometimes, a suspend request would result in the screen blanking, but the power LED remains lit. Other times, suspend would occur, but randomly, the system wakes itself (power LED is solid white), and eventually the fans turn on to full speed and the system gets very warm. A long press of the power button shuts it down, and it reboots normally.
After a bit of experimenting, the bad suspend only occurs on lid close. Suspend works normally if a suspend is requested by pressing the power button. This behaviour has been confirmed by other Asus G14GA402 users, as well one Asus TUF Gaming A16 Advantage Edition FA617NS user.
There was no issue with suspend on kernel 6.6.7 and lower. The issue has persisted through 6.6.8/9/11/13 and 6.7.2.

The kernel 6.6.8 was released in “stable” on 2023-12-25, I think that’s when I started having problems that I considered random.

Hello @stephaneklein ,
Are you using the default power manager (ppd) or another?

@jakfrost How do I know that?

I think the fact you ask is indication you are using the default which is PowerProfiles Daemon (ppd). You can check ppd with powerprofilesctl.

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$ powerprofilesctl
    Driver:     platform_profile
    Degraded:   no

    Driver:     platform_profile

* power-saver:
    Driver:     platform_profile

Mine is like …

[jakfrost ~]$ powerprofilesctl
    Driver:     amd_pstate
    Degraded:   no

* balanced:
    Driver:     amd_pstate

    Driver:     amd_pstate

So I think you want to switch to amd_pstate in this case. It provides better performace use in my case. Whereas before I would hear my fans occasionally, I don’t hear them very much at all without listening for them now for example. Though my setup is an Asus mobo.

Why? This switch will fix this bug:

Upstream issue Asus Zephyrus G14 GA402 - Suspend not working reliably since Kernel 6.6.8

I doubt it :thinking: . If yes, where (url) have you seen this workaround?

Supposedly the issue that you linked to got fixed upstream. The patchset was included into kernel 6.8.0 RC5. I tried this kernel, and also updated the ath11k driver to the latest version from git.

However, the issue remains. Does it work for you with kernel 6.8.0 RC5?

For amd there is another tool that may be preferred, RyzenAdj and I also found auto-epp-rs

There also is tlp, which handles a ton of things for energy saving.

Here, I read:

I am using kernel 6.7.5-201.fc39.x86_64 (you can find it here for Fedora) which reverts 94b1e028e15c94362420f9f3f711fafbf9d52996. With this kernel I don’t have any more suspend freezes with a T14 Gen3 AMD (AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 6850U) and QCNFA765 Wireless Network Adapter.

Then, I need to wait that kernel 6.7.5-**201**.fc39.x86_64 be present in stable.

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Bug fixed on my workstation, see detail here: Random resume (after suspend) issue on ThinkPad T14s AMD Gen3 (Radeon 680M, Ryzen 7) - #19 by stephaneklein