Lenovo Yoga 7 Pro 14ARP8 fails to resume from suspend on kernel 6.7.4 on Fedora 39 Workstation

After upgrading to the new kernel 6.7.4, my laptop is unable to resume from suspend. Fans are spinning but the monitor doesn’t wake up, pressing any key has no effect and I can’t switch to other ttys.

The problem goes away when downgrading to kernel version 6.6.14-200.fc39.x86_64

@flajello Maybe this bug?

Summary of QCNFA765 ath11k problems kernel-6.7.4

The current 6.7.x suspend crashes are intertwined with the long standing packet loss and latency problems we’ve been seeing with QCNFA765 Linux ath11k.

Kernel 6.4.12-6.6.14 all had the same problem where you need the iw dev wlp1s0 set power_save off workaround to prevent crippling packet losses and slow speeds. With the power_save workaround applied this wifi adapter was mostly tolerable.

Kernel-6.7.3 broke suspend.

Kernel-6.7.4 included a partial fix.

I have a Fedora Discussion thread here.

This morning dnf update fixed the problem for me (Lenovo Ideapad 5 pro), i think it was a firmware problem.

Tried but still fails. Still using kernel v 6.6.14

Try now with the 6.7.5 version. You were right, sometimes with the 6.7.2 and 6.7.4 versions, the suspension doesn’t work. I had to use the 6.6.14 version until now. Now I’m trying version 6.7.5 and I’ve tried suspend by inactivity and it works correctly, I’ve also tried suspending the laptop from the drop-down power menu and it still works.

Can confirm that it is working on kernel version 6.7.5. Thanks for the heads-up.