Thinkpad e15 gen 2 - Volume/Brightness keys are not functional


Not sure whats happening here, the keys were not operating at first, but at some point they were? Possibly after I installed “xbacklight”, or I booted into a different kernel.
Not working atm

Hello @gnoblin_44 ,
Welcome to ask :fedora: !
I am running Fedora Linux on an Edge 530 Thinkpad, but it does not come with the nifty backlit keyboard on my X250 Carbon (which is currently Windows only for work). So I cannot try to help (well maybe Ill try a live boot on the X250…hmm) with actual hands on but will try else ways.
The Fedora Linux release notes should give you some info of changes made to this release. In particular I would pay close attention to the parts relating to driver changes that have/are been/being implemented over the next little while.