Only certain keys work


Hi, I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 14s Pro 2022 with AMD Ryzen R7 6800HS from AliExpress. I have Fedora 36 installed but I am having issues with the keyboard.

So far, only these keys work:

  • Brightness Up, Down (F5 and F6)
  • Toggle Airplane mode (F7)
  • Fn + Space to adjust the LED level on the keyboard
  • Mute button F4

I have tried appending a various i8042 related parameters but nothing seems to help. Does anyone know what can be done here?

To be sure I understand correctly: No character key works? You can’t type anything? Or you mean no other function key?

Hi, none of other keys work and yes I can’t type anything but some functions keys seems to work.

Try to reinstall Fedora yourself first. But this seems to be a device specific issue. I don’t think the problem is with Fedora.

It definitely is a device specific issue. Googling reveals that the issue is likely related to the latest Ryzen CPUs.

I am gonna have to try to compile the kernel myself here :frowning: