Thinkpad T14s returning from Sleep: Enter and Backspace key do not work

Hi guys,

when returning form sleep in 90 % of the time the Enter + Backspace key of the internal keyboard of my ThinkPad T14s Gen1 won’t work. This problem persist also through reboots. The keys won’t even work in Bios or Grub.

Sometimes they come back to life but most of the time I need to power down completely.

My Bios is configured for Sleep mode to “Linux”. I cycled through different firmware versions but this problem persists. I’am on kernel Linux fedora 5.13.14-200.fc34.x86_64.
I believe this problem started with a kernel upgrade in the past.
In the beginning I thought this might be related to gnome-shell: 2002925 – Keys not working after standby on Thinkpad T14s Gen. 1

But now I believe it has something to do with ACPI maybe.
Any Idea how I can debug this an collect logs? As long as I attach an external keyboard I can continue working.

Any idea also on how to properly rollback the kernel, so I can verify my feeling?



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Quick update:

I just rebooted from Windows into Linux. On Windows the keys were working, now suddenly once I reach gdm they are not working. Any idea on how to debug this?


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I don´t know if this is helpful:

You should have the 3 most kernels installed already, so you should be able to choose an older one from the grub boot loader to run it. If you don’t, you can get older kernels from the build system:

The first thing to do perhaps would be to go through your system logs to see if there are any errors there that may help: