Taiga board prototype ready!

Hi folks, I completed my action item to set up a “prototype” Taiga board for the team. The behind-the-scenes work of tweaking Taiga is done, but the board will need a lot of love and support as we figure out which things make sense to keep in Pagure (i.e. developer issues) and which things we move to Taiga (i.e. Objective strategy and planning).


@ramyaparimi and I will pair up to work on this in preparation for our next meeting on May 7th. I have a feeling that most of the next meeting will be introducing the new tool, getting folks added, and answering any questions that people have about the board.

If you want access early, reach out to me and let me know the email address you use in Fedora Teams! I cannot easily search by username, but email seems to be a dependable way to add folks.

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Awesome work with setting up the board @jflory7 and thanks for assisting with my first-time-taiga-user queries! :slightly_smiling_face:

The following are the things that might be what we need to discuss about.

  • There would be a potential mapping between stories on Taiga and issues on Pagure down the line. How do we plan to address that?

  • I see that there’s a lot that can be added to the stories, so maybe a quick walkthrough when we have enough folks in our team meet can be good. What do you think?

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We could add a custom field to specify a corresponding Pagure ticket URL. I’m not sure if Taiga is smart enough to make the custom field a link, but we can experiment with some ideas here. For example, we could even add a “Fedora Release” value if that was something we believe would be helpful for planning and prioritizing.

I’m chairing the next team meet. I plan to introduce the project board and give an overview of how it works in that session, so it will also be recorded! Before this coming Friday, if you have specific queries or doubts about Taiga, keep track of them and ask them in the Friday call. :smiley: