Change commblog review process to Pagure tickets or a Taiga board?

I’ve been thinking about how we handle review requests for Community Blog posts. Right now, folks post here with the review request tag. The disadvantage is that there’s not great state tracking. In other words, it’s not easy to tell what is still waiting for an editor, what is sent back to the author for edits (if needed), what’s scheduled (and when!), etc.

How do we feel about using either a Pagure repo or a Taiga board for this instead? This gives us better visibility on the current state and might help planning publication dates. (i.e. Justin has summer coding interviews going all week, so ideally we’d hold other posts until next week to keep our flow relatively steady. This is a process issue, not a tool issue, but it’s a case where a tool might help the process).

I have a weak preference for Taiga since it’s a better fit for this sort of planning work that doesn’t involve commits, but I want to see what the community’s input is. (Note that “let’s just keep using Discourse for this” is a valid option, too)

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Big +1. :raised_hands: I think this gives more visibility to the future so we can build schedules farther out than a week. It also helps prevent existing editors from faux pas like publishing two articles in the same day.

I’m not sure Discourse was the best choice for reviewing CommBlog articles anyways. I like using Taiga since there is official support for this in Fedora Infrastructure now, as far as I know. Since the community is being encouraged to move there already, I think it makes sense to move into Taiga where it will be visible to other Fedora contributors.